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SC-900T00 Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals


This course provides foundational level knowledge on security, compliance, and identity concepts and related cloud-based Microsoft solutions.


Course Outline:

1 – Describe security and compliance concepts

  • Describe the shared responsibility model
  • Describe defense in depth
  • Describe the Zero Trust model
  • Describe governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) concepts

2 – Describe identity concepts

  • Define authentication and authorization
  • Define identity as the primary security perimeter
  • Describe the role of the identity provider
  • Describe the concept of directory services and Active Directory
  • Describe the concept of federation

3 – Describe the function and identity types of Microsoft Entra ID

  • Describe Microsoft Entra ID
  • Describe types of identities
  • Describe hybrid identity
  • Describe external identities

4 – Describe the authentication capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID

  • Describe authentication methods
  • Describe multifactor authentication
  • Describe self-service password reset
  • Describe password protection and management capabilities

5 – Describe access management capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID

  • Describe Conditional Access
  • Describe Microsoft Entra roles and role-based access control (RBAC)

6 – Describe the identity protection and governance capabilities of Microsoft Entra

  • Describe Microsoft Entra ID Governance
  • Describe access reviews
  • Describe entitlement management
  • Describe the capabilities of Privileged identity Management
  • Describe Microsoft Entra ID Protection
  • Describe Microsoft Entra Permissions Management
  • Describe Microsoft Entra Verified ID

7 – Describe core infrastructure security services in Azure

  • Describe Azure DDoS protection
  • Describe Azure Firewall
  • Describe Web Application Firewall
  • Describe network segmentation in Azure
  • Describe Azure Network Security Groups
  • Describe Azure Bastion
  • Describe Azure Key Vault

8 – Describe the security management capabilities in Azure

  • Describe Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Describe how security policies and initiatives improve cloud security posture
  • Describe Cloud security posture management
  • Describe the enhanced security of Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Describe DevOps security management

9 – Describe security capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel

  • Describe threat detection and mitigation capabilities in Microsoft Sentinel
  • Describe Microsoft Security Copilot

10 – Describe threat protection with Microsoft Defender XDR

  • Describe Microsoft Defender XDR services
  • Describe Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Describe Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Describe Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Describe Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Describe Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management
  • Describe Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence
  • Describe the Microsoft Defender portal

11 – Describe Microsoft’s Service Trust portal and privacy capabilities

  • Describe the offerings of the Service Trust portal
  • Describe Microsoft’s privacy principles
  • Describe Microsoft Priva

12 – Describe the compliance management capabilities in Microsoft Purview

  • Describe the Microsoft Purview compliance portal
  • Describe Compliance Manager
  • Describe use and benefits of compliance score

13 – Describe information protection, data lifecycle management, and data governance capabilities in Microsoft Purview

  • Know your data, protect your data, and govern your data
  • Describe the data classification capabilities of the compliance portal
  • Describe sensitivity labels and policies
  • Describe data loss prevention
  • Describe retention policies and retention labels
  • Describe records management
  • Describe the Microsoft Purview unified data governance solution

14 – Describe the insider risk capabilities in Microsoft Purview

  • Describe insider risk management
  • Describe communication compliance

15 – Describe the eDiscovery and Audit capabilities in Microsoft Purview

  • Describe the eDiscovery solutions in Microsoft Purview
  • Describe the audit solutions in Microsoft Purview

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