Integrated Performance Improvement

SC-5002 Secure Azure services and workloads with Microsoft Defender for Cloud regulatory compliance controls


This learning path guides you in securing Azure services and workloads using Microsoft Cloud Security Benchmark controls in Microsoft Defender for Cloud via the Azure portal.


Course Outline:

Filter network traffic with a network security group using the Azure portal

  • Azure resource group
  • Azure Virtual Network
  • How network security groups filter network traffic
  • Application security groups

Create a Log Analytics workspace for Microsoft Defender for Cloud

  • Defender for Cloud monitoring components

Set up Microsoft Defender for Cloud

  • Implement Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Security posture
  • Workload protections
  • Deploy Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Arc capabilities
  • Microsoft cloud security benchmark
  • Improve your regulatory compliance.
  • Configure Microsoft Defender for Cloud policies
  • View and edit security policies
  • Manage and implement Microsoft Defender for Cloud recommendations
  • Explore secure score
  • MITRE Attack matrix
  • Define brute force attacks
  • Understand just-in-time VM access
  • Implement just-in-time VM access

Configure and integrate a Log Analytics agent and workspace in Defender for Cloud

  • Collect data from your workloads with the Log Analytics agent
  • Configure the Log Analytics agent and workspace

Configure Azure Key Vault networking settings

  • Azure Key Vault basic concepts
  • Best practices for Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Key Vault security
  • Configure Azure Key Vault firewalls and virtual networks
  • Azure Key Vault soft delete overview
  • Virtual network service endpoints for Azure Key Vault

Connect an Azure SQL server using an Azure Private Endpoint using the Azure portal

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