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Python Programming with Red Hat (AD141)


Python is a popular programming language used by system administrators, data scientists, and developers to create web applications, custom Red Hat Ansible Automation modules, perform statistical analysis, and train AI/ML models. This course introduces the Python language and teaches fundamental concepts like control flow, loops, data structures, functions, file I/O, regular expressions, parsing JSON, and debugging. This course is based on Python 3 and RHEL 9.0.


Basics of Python syntax, functions and data types
How to debug Python scripts using the Python debugger (pdb)
Use Python data structures like dictionaries, sets, tuples and lists to handle compound data
Learn Object-oriented programming in Python and Exception Handling
How to read and write files in Python and parse JSON data
Use powerful regular expressions in Python to manipulate text
How to effectively structure large Python programs using modules and namespaces
How to use third-party libraries using the pip CLI tool.

Course Outline:

1 – An Overview of Python 3

  • Introduction to Python and setting up the developer environment

2 – Basic Python Syntax

  • Explore the basic syntax and semantics of Python

3 – Language Components

  • Understand the basic control flow features and operators

4 – Collections

  • Write programs that manipulate compound data using lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries

5 – Functions

  • Decompose your programs into composable functions

6 – Modules

  • Organize your code using Modules for flexibility and reuse

7 – Classes in Python

  • Explore Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with classes and objects

8 – Exceptions

  • Handle runtime errors using Exceptions

9 – Input and Output

  • Implement programs that read and write files

10 – Data Structures

  • Use advanced data structures like generators and comprehensions to reduce boilerplate code

11 – Regular Expressions

  • Use powerful regular expressions to manipulate textual data

12 – Parsing JSON

  • Read and write JSON data

13 – Debugging

  • Debug Python programs using the Python debugger (pdb)

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