Integrated Performance Improvement

Mastering Meaningful Engagement


What’s the difference between good engagement and incredible engagement? How do you know when your audience, employees, or teammates are committed to everything you say and do? The answer is Authentic Engagement. When you notice amazing leaders, you will notice they possess all seven of these traits, regardless of whether they have been in the profession twenty years or twenty weeks. This course is the map toward shaping the next wave of leaders, regardless of style, audience, or modality! The question is: Are you ready to embark on your voyage? In this course, you will learn how to authentically engage others, build a more purposeful message that resonates, and learn the strategies to gain stronger engagement and input back from the people you work with.

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Develop better strategies in preparation and execution with audiences of all kinds
Engage audience members more deeply and intently
Optimize ability to prepare delivery, style, and transparency in sharing information
Deliver your message with more clarity, purpose, and passion
Create deeper meaning in who you are as a leader for others

Course Outline:

1. The CYA Model of Preparation

  • Preparing Your Content
  • Learning the 4-Square to Holistic Content Delivery
  • Getting Ready for the Seven C’s for Engagement
  • Preparing for Yourself and Audience

2. Preparing Yourself and The Power of Your Delivery

  • Understanding the Power of Delivery and Style
  • Learning when to be Transparent in your Approach
  • Understanding How You Shine Remotely vs. Face-to-Face
  • Understanding Your Command
  • Knowing What and When to Change Your Approach
  • Building Better Efficacy and Confidence

3. Capturing, Building, and Connecting with the People You Engage

  • Learning the Differences between Surface-Level Engagement and Deeper Connection
  • Understanding the Four Levels of Audience to Build Relationships
  • Developing Captivation Techniques with Engagement
  • Establishing Clarity through Depth and Alignment
  • Connecting Deeper and Establishing Trust

4. Going Beyond for Completeness

  • Looking to the Future of Engagement, Technology, and Leadership
  • Plotting Your Next Course for Delivery
  • Using the Anchor Guide to Renew Your Approach
  • Mapping the Next Steps

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