Integrated Performance Improvement

Leadership Excellence for Senior Management


To maximize performance and foster a healthy environment, senior managers must also motivate others, nurturing and utilizing the distinctive skills of each team member.

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Use wisdom and understanding to lead others
Deliver constructive critiques to your staff
More effectively coach and mentor your staff
Develop new managers
Better motivate your staff
Navigate organizational politics

Course Outline:

1. Leading Others

  • Comparing Vertical and Lateral Hierarchies- Leading in Different Structures of Command and Control
  • Leveraging Your Organization’s Structure
  • Knowing Your Employees – Developing Empathy
  • Beginning with the End in Mind and Back-Casting to the Desired Future State
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Earning Your Team’s Trust with Honesty, Reliability, Availability, and Openness

2. Strategies for Course Correction

  • Lighting a Fire- Motivating, Guiding, and Inspiring
  • Resolving Conflict- Forcing, Accommodating, Avoiding, Compromising, and Collaborating
  • Changing the Script- Trusting Your Team, Empowering Delegation, Celebrating Success, and Building & Reinforcing Your Team
  • Defining Team Roles and Creating a Balanced Team

3. Effective Coaching and Mentoring

  • Providing Clear and Timely Feedback
  • Creating a Supportive Environment
  • Building a Mentorship Plan – Mentoring for Success

4. Training New Managers

  • Preparing, Developing, and Supporting New Managers
  • Defining and Building Competencies
  • Documenting Best Practices while Rewarding and Emulating Effective Managers
  • Encouraging a Peer Network

5. Motivation

  • Understanding the 8 Level Hierarchy of Needs
  • Managing Across Generations
  • Applying the CARE Model

6. Organizational Politics

  • Being Politically Savvy, Ethical, and Effective
  • Building Political Intelligence
  • Understanding the Landscape

7. The Big Picture

  • Thinking Through the Elements of Management

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