Integrated Performance Improvement

Influencing Without Authority


Collaborative environments largely rely on influence, not authority. Participants will learn and practice tips, tools, and techniques to influence others. Organizations with effective influencers enjoy better collaboration among stakeholders, improved trust among team members, and improved ability to move the organization forward to achieve business goals.


Develop working definitions of terms used in influencing.
Understand the basic underpinnings of influencing.
Define trust and discuss why building trust is critical to influencing others.
List and understand various influencing tactics and techniques.
Use various stakeholder analysis tools to understand the key stakeholders you need to influence.
Define courage and discuss the importance of courage in influencing others.

Course Outline:

1 – Influencing Key Concepts Key Influencing Terms & Concepts Key Influencing Concepts Influencing Network Diagram The Influencing Formula 2 – Trust Trust Defined Types of Trust Covey’s Four Cores of Credibility Trust Building and “Busting” Activities Restoring Trust 3 – Preparation Analyzing Stakeholders Currency Preferences Influencing Tactics and Techniques 4 – Courage Why courage is needed to influence Barriers to courage Finding the courage to influence

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