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DP-603T00 Implementing Real Time Analytics with Microsoft Fabric


In this learning path, the student is exposed to various ways to:
  • Source streaming data sources into Microsoft Fabric.
  • Use real time Eventstream in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Query data in a KQL database in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Create real time dashboards in Microsoft Fabric.


Course Outline:

1 – Get started with Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric

  • What is Synapse Real-Time Analytics?
  • Understand KQL database and tables
  • Write queries with KQL

2 – Use real time eventstreams in Microsoft Fabric

  • Main components of Eventstream
  • Setting up Eventstream
  • Routing eventstream data

3 – Query data in a KQL database in Microsoft Fabric

  • Get started with KQL queries
  • KQL best practices
  • Advanced features

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