Integrated Performance Improvement

Building Successful Work Relationships


In the interdependent workplace, we rely on each other to get things done. A professional network isn’t something we can take for granted – mapping work relationships can be a complex task and understanding different behavioral styles takes effort – but it pays off! Good working relationships means more than just reducing conflict and misunderstandings. It also means building trust, increasing influence, and benefitting from the knowledge and advice of co-workers and senior managers. This workshop will help you develop relationship building skills so you can communicate who you are, what you need, and why you need it in a way that builds trust, respect, and a professional reputation.

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Describe the importance of effective work relationships
Identify the interdependencies between you and your colleagues
Communicate effectively to create rapport and connect with others
Identify and maintain your network of professional relationships
Develop collaborative, trust-based relationships that achieve meaningful results

Course Outline:

1. The Importance of Work Relationships

  • Expectations of Work Relationships
  • The Value of Relationships
  • Effects of Work Relationships

2. Mapping Your Work Relationships

  • A Network of Relationships
  • Mapping Work Relationships
  • Languages of Appreciation

3. Identifying Interdependencies

  • Clarifying Purpose
  • Systems Thinking
  • Analyzing Independencies

4. Bridging Work Styles

  • Understanding Behavioral Styles
  • Strengths and Trouble Spots
  • Bridging Different Styles

5. Building Your Network

  • Relationships, Communication, and Results
  • Networking Principles
  • Reputation Management

6. Collaborating For Success

  • Understanding Personalities
  • Aspects of Trust
  • Recognizing Blind Spots

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