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AZ-1003 Secure storage for Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage


In this learning path, you practice storing business data securely by using Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files. The skills validated include creating storage accounts, storage containers, and file shares. Also, configuring encryption and networking to improve the security posture.


Course Outline:

Create an Azure Storage account

  • Decide how many storage accounts you need
  • Choose your account settings
  • Choose an account creation tool

Configure Azure Blob Storage

  • Implement Azure Blob Storage
  • Create blob containers
  • Assign blob access tiers
  • Add blob lifecycle management rules
  • Determine blob object replication
  • Upload blobs
  • Determine Blob Storage pricing
  • Interactive lab simulation

Configure Azure Storage security

  • Review Azure Storage security strategies
  • Create shared access signatures
  • Identify URI and SAS parameters
  • Determine Azure Storage encryption
  • Create customer-managed keys
  • Apply Azure Storage security best practices
  • Interactive lab simulation

Secure and isolate access to Azure resources by using network security groups and service endpoints

  • Use network security groups to control network access
  • Secure network access to PaaS services with virtual network service endpoints

Guided Project – Azure Files and Azure Blobs

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