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AZ-1002 Configure secure access to your workloads using networking with Azure Virtual Network


In this learning path, you practice configuring secure access to workloads using Azure networking.


Course Outline:

Configure virtual networks

  • Plan virtual networks
  • Create subnets
  • Create virtual networks
  • Plan IP addressing
  • Create public IP addressing
  • Associate public IP addresses
  • Allocate or assign private IP addresses
  • Interactive lab simulation

Configure Azure Virtual Network peering

  • Determine Azure Virtual Network peering uses
  • Determine gateway transit and connectivity
  • Create virtual network peering
  • Extend peering with user-defined routes and service chaining
  • Interactive lab simulation

Manage and control traffic flow in your Azure deployment with routes

  • Identify routing capabilities of an Azure virtual network
  • Exercise – Create custom routes
  • What is an NVA?

Host your domain on Azure DNS

  • What is Azure DNS?
  • Configure Azure DNS to host your domain
  • Dynamically resolve resource name by using alias record

Configure network security groups

  • Implement network security groups
  • Determine network security group rules
  • Determine network security group effective rules
  • Create network security group rules
  • Implement application security groups
  • Interactive lab simulation

Introduction to Azure Firewall

  • What is Azure Firewall?
  • How Azure Firewall works
  • When to use Azure Firewall
  • When to use Azure Firewall Premium

Guided Project – Configure secure access to workloads with Azure virtual networking services

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