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55128 Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 2


In this course, students will continue their learning on the foundations of report writing with Microsoft® SQL Server® Report Builder and SSRS. The focus will be on report creation by connecting to a database and manipulating the data.


After completing this course, students will be able to: Create parameter reports. Create list reports. Format reports with complex expressions. Add images and subreports. Add drilldown and drillthrough functionality. Add sparklines, data bars, and indicators.

Course Outline:

1 – Parameter Reports

  • Parameterized Reporting
  • Create Report Parameters
  • Modify Report Parameters
  • Provide Default Parameter Values
  • Provide Available Values for Parameters
  • Lab: Creating Parameterized Reports

2 – List Data Regions

  • Introducing the List Data Region
  • Create Reports Using List Data Regions
  • Modify Reports Which Use List Data Regions
  • Lab: Creating List Reports

3 – Enhancing Reports with Complex Expressions

  • Formatting Reports
  • Top N Reports
  • Running Values
  • Lab: Enhancing Reports with Complex Expressions

4 – Enhance Reports with Images and Subreports

  • Add Images to Reports
  • Retrieve Images from a Database
  • Introducing SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Report Server
  • Add Subreports to Reports
  • Lab: Working With Images and Subreports

5 – Drilldown and Drillthrough Reports

  • Add and Configure Drilldown Reporting
  • Add and Configure Drillthrough Reporting
  • Lab: Add Drilldown and Drillthrough Functionality to Reports

6 – Sparklines, Data Bars, and Indicators

  • Sparklines
  • Data Bars
  • Indicators
  • Lab: Adding Sparklines, Data Bars, and Indicators to Reports

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